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I choose the Istanbul node in the CS: GO Item but my ping is still around It picjer be for a player to play smooth enough. I'm not sure it's officially one of supported game location. Did you try to use Full VPN mode for testing purpose? Which game server are you accessing?

Matchmaking server picker reddit Did you try to use [Full VPN mode] http: Kenan 2 year ago Hey, thanks for the fast reply. Eerver accessing Singapore Faceit because there is no EU servers listed. I choose the Istanbul node. Still I'm getting used to your service and dont know how it works exactly. Can you tell me a bit about it? As a guess there should be an EU CS: GO server for me to choose and I choose it and the Istanbul node. Then all set and ready to go. But as I said there is no EU servers listed. I see only Asia Japan, Singapore, Taiwan etc. I think that's the explanation of my ping. I didn't try the Full VPN btw.

Accept button not appearing in CS:GO MM?

Posts are automatically archived matchmaking server picker reddit 6 months. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 10, users here now New? If Matchmakig get "0xcb" Error then see this tutorial on how Matchmaking server picker reddit fix it: Unrelated Content Posts must be about this subreddit, Steam, Valve, xerver the community surrounding them, or parties and features that interact with or relate to them in one way or another. It just blocks your computer from connecting to certain IP addresses. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. If you have a third party such as McAfee or Norton controlling your Firewall, then you need to uninstall it or use MalwareBytes or another Anti Virus that doesn't control your firewall for it to work.

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