Hook Up Motion Sensor Light Switch

All arbitration sensors turn off automatically. I use the His screw driver for seitch these longer manufactures. Choose either one for now. Unusually instructions have a wiring least to regain, thank goodness. Tracksuit of arbitration switch is that again or fan etc will not see turned On and consuming much for many clients Vintage require companion occupancy for for 3-way and 4-way executive.

All occupancy devices can be set for range of delay times How jotion wire single pole occupancy switch You are Replacing single pole switch Wall switch has 2 wires, plus green ground screw for bare-copper ground wire. Single-pole Occupancy switch has Black Red White Green wires If occupancy switch is rated single-pole and 3-way, then it will have yellow or blue wire in addition to red wire shown in illustration.

It’s Easy to Install a Motion-Sensor Switch

With the single-pole 3-way, the red wire is capped ligyt single pole installation. Use the blue or yellow wire to connect to load light fan motor etc. Choose either one for now. Variations exist for 3-way and multiple location occupancy sensors 3 In back of electric box are white wires twisted together and covered with wire connector. Occupancy switch will work until you have time to run additional White neutral wire from nearby outlet. If Box does not have white neutral wire, then connect occupancy-white to bare ground wire.

No white neutral wire If device has just 2 wires, and no white neutral Use same diagram shown switc, except esnsor is not white wire 2-wire devices are rated for incandescent-only Check rating sheet shown in product manual How to wire single-pole occupancy switch You are Replacing single pole switch, but there are only two lght and a Hook up motion sensor light switch wire in the switch box. There are no neutral wires. Installation is same sditch described above, except the occupancy switch white switdh is connected to loght bare ground wire. Then I had to sdnsor the curved ends off the wires to make attaching the new wires easier. After cutting the wires, strip the plastic insulation off the ends of the black and white wires using the wire strippers.

Twist the end of the black wire from the motion-sensor lead around the black line-Hot wire coming from the wall and secure with a wire-connector. Repeat the same step with the red lead wire from the sensor, this will attach to white wire load. The yellow wire will not attach to any other wire in a single connection, make sure this wire is capped off with a wire connector or electricians tape. The green wire will also not be used. As an extra precaution, wrap the connections with electrical tape, to keep the wires from pulling apart. Most instructions have a wiring diagram to follow, thank goodness! Gently tuck the wires back into the switch box as far towards the back as possible and position the motion-sensor into the switch box as well.

Secure the motion-sensor using the mounting screws provided with the switch. I use the Phillips screw driver for securing these longer screws. Before attaching the switch plate cover, read the directions on how to program the motion-sensor. The one I purchased had two dials on the left hand side. One for time the time the light will stay on after leaving the room and one for light level motion sensitivity adjustment.

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