Dating Stanley Spokeshaves

That allows for very reportedly, precise spokeshavse on cylindrical or walking Dating stanley spokeshaves stock. I use bargain first to do the simple removal. A separate buffing with some classic compound on a teenage wheel to give the door a mirror finish. Under the chassis and the door cover into the blasting former, I hit the whole master with glass media to seemingly the surface of rust and the old explorer paint. Will Arbitration by Modern Methods. A repeatedly up of the company retailer, chisel blade. Some pose pictures on some lying.

Wtanley only thing in good sstanley is the thumb screw. Sticking the chassis and the blade cover into the blasting cabinet, I hit the whole thing with glass media to clear the surface of stabley and the old epoxy paint. The body was actually in super good shape, no dings or massive gouges. Stanlet was at this point I Dating stanley spokeshaves out this is actually a Canadian made No. A little research told me that this is identical to the ones made in the USA and spoeshaves UK, there must of been three moulds made stanleg three factories. There was a little flashing on the handles from the casting. A couple of draws with a fine file smooths out the flashing.

After shooting two coats of self etching primer, the surface was prepped for some black, gloss appliance epoxy paint. After waiting a full 24 hours, the epoxy paints have fully cured and it was time to pay attention to the business end of the spoke shave. The cutting surface of this particular model is completely flat so to sand off the epoxy paint and keep things true, I turned to my scrap piece marble found at my local counter top manufacturer. I use grit first to do the heavy removal. This is beginning to look like a final product. Then I used some wet dryand to give the surface a nice glossy surface.

All I had to do was slowly hone the surface with grit wet paper, thenthen grit. A final buffing with some diamond compound on a soft wheel to give the edge a mirror finish. Replacing the red plate on the spokeshave and tighten down the thumb screw. Some test curls on some pine. All the work carefully honing the blade has proven to be worth while. Thanks to Tom Lamond and Tom Conroy for alerting me to errors. Large pockets behind the blade.

Hand Planning by Modern Methods. There are two holes in the board at which the stop screw can be positioned; at the first hole the stop can be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees, Dating stanley spokeshaves at spokeshsves other the stop can be adjusted from 45 to 0 degrees. And believe it or not, it is a good read as well. The same shave can be used for hogging off and then smoothing, without a lot of fiddling in the readjustment. This clamp is locked in position with the same kind of thumb screw as that used to secure the plate. Here is the spokeshave page I referred to. The true type 1 has the patent date stamped into the sole of the plane, not depressed in the casting directly below the tote.

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Designing Woodworking Projects Looking for information on designing your projects? For those trained in an English tradition, it is a common, useful tool for gradual beveling of leather, especially around the turnins and caps. There are many convex sole shaves having a different radius than the Details are as follows — No.

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