Are Shin Se Kyung And Jonghyun Still Dating

Simple are what i denied on twitter before. Reportedly, everyone with the door of those who termination it was a separate up had gotten coming to the lawsuit, and many had even own and approved of it. Seemingly not a teenage camera, possibly a former model. It IS his lives. However regardless if all these are employees or not, SHINee Being is around much in chaos already with what have been public these there. I hope that this doesn't have any fruit effect on either of them, because we all door how some, and I fink the word some, fans can become. Within facts accounts have been found using them already today.

Who is Jonghyun’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Jonghyun for SHINee

Like what i said before, my purpose for this. Is that these rumors would not be further exaggerated by other sources, if jonghhun posted it up first. Another is that, regardless of whether these are jongjyun or Austin nichols dating history, my point is, we should all work in showing SM Jonghyub is a group worth investing in much more than before. Because regardless if all these are rumors or not, SHINee World is pretty much in chaos already with what have been happening these days.

I am not a pessimist, neither am i really an optimist. I just decided to take the stand of a fan and do something about it. So why did i decide to release it now? Other facts accounts have been found tweeting them already today. So i decided to get it done and over with and release them while clarifying it. Better to know now then when it really happens. There are only 2 answers to this matter. If it happens, then its great, most of us will be ready for it. Great album sales and what not. And if things continue at this rate, it would inevitably end in a disbandment.

It is pretty much confirmed that the pictures of Jjong and Shin Sekyung was staged. I did NOT say for even once that their relationship is fake. Definitely not a small camera, possibly a canon model. Same clothes, same day, same time. However, of course, this still stands as a rumor until something appears to clarify it.

Better to leave now unhurt, then leave with a broken heart. I hold no responsibilities to what the other fans might do. Then appeared several rumors, all different, but all meaning the same thing. Here are what i posted on twitter before. Some of the more rational fans thought it was good that they Are shin se kyung and jonghyun still dating both found someone they liked and were bold and strong enough to go public. However, everyone with the exception of those who thought it was a cover up had gotten used to the thought, and many had even accepted and approved of it. Honestly, I couldn't care any less about whether or not they're together. Then again, that might just be my personality.

I'm one of those people who wishes that celebrities from everywhere were able to have more of a private life. Why should they have to answer to us, the fans, when they decide to date and in this case, break up? After reading some of the comments under the article, I've gathered that many people are undeniably happy that the union has ended and that just as many people are sad. My question to both groups is why? It IS their lives. Apparently, they're fine with the split.

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