Myspace Online Dating

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MySpace, Facebook Add Opportunity for Love, Trouble to Online Dating

Just ask year-old Texas native Meghan Stamps. Onlind, 22 at the time, was living in Los Angeles and had signed up for MySpace as a means to try to meet people in a city she knew very little about. It wasn't onlije before she received a message from an Albanian man who had fled his country seven dqting earlier to avoid fighting in the military. He described himself on his profile as having a "very xating nature," according to Stamps. After Myspace online dating so-so first date, the two decided to give it another shot.

I was creeped out, but I let it go. At the third bar of the night, fed up with watching his companion being ogled by numerous patrons, Stamps' date took matters into rating own hands. He decided to confront one of the men attempting to make eyes with his Myspace online dating. The next thing I know, my date pushed the guy against the wall and punched him in the face, and I was out the door. I never talked to him again. This misrepresentation may become more frequent as more people jump into online dating via social networking sites. With around million active users logging into MySpace monthly and another 60 million users signing into Facebook although overlap certainly existscombined with the more than 20 million people who have signed up for more traditional online dating Web sites, you've got a recipe for a very interesting evolution of online dating and social networking.

Dating expert and author Lisa Altalida remains on the fence about using social networking sites as dating tools. They learn everything they can about a person and then bring it up on their date in order to be more likable. Don't be afraid to list the attributes you seek in a dating partner on your profile. After all, you are on MySpace to meet other dating singles. This way, if visitors are interested in getting to know you better, they can feel free to contact you. Send them a message before sending them a Friend Request. Many people on MySpace will simply send you a Friend Request so they can add you onto their network. While there is certainly nothing wrong with doing so, the truly flirtatious will send a message first.

The message may be a quick introduction, or it may just state that you're interested in learning more about them. Without launching into a long-winded story, leave something to the imagination. Tease the reader to visit your profile and read more about you. Once you are added as a friend, let the flirting begin. When you are added as a friend, be sure to leave a comment on the new friend's MySpace page. Tell them thanks for adding you. If they have a song loaded on their page and you like it, let them know. Looking for things in common is a form of flirting, and commenting on your similar interests in movies or music can be seen as a sign of flattery.

Also, comment on the person's pictures.

This lets the new friend know you are checking them Myspace online dating and you like what you see. Use pictures in the comments you leave to stand out. Eating, pictures in datint comments will show that you're putting thought into the person. You datint have to search for a picture online and link it up. If you are not sure how, you can check the MySpace Help section for tips about adding pictures. Another useful thing to remember is that adding funny graphics or holiday graphics is a great way to flirt without having to say a lot. Some flirts even add comments for the days of the week; Hump Day is an all-time favorite comment. Once you leave a couple of comments for the person, keep an eye out for them when you're online.

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