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Cultural issues are the big ones. Sometimes it will be hard to tell which bits of your partner are them and which bits are cultural. For example, trying to be on the safe side all the time and planning well ahead really is quite a German trait. I find this is amazing about a bi-national relationship: There are so many different layers to discover, not only in each others personality, but also in the cultural background — even after 12 years of marriage! Thankfully, Tobias lets me have our Christmas tree up all December long.

Most Germans put their tree up right before or on Christmas Eve.

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We make both German dating customs 24th and the 25th special and combine our respective traditions. My husband was able to understand how hard that decision was for me, and he supported me and dried my tears whenever I needed it. If these criteria are met you are in for a world of cross-cultural delights, learning all about the others wonderful and mysterious land, which I have found gives you a lot more to talk about than a regular couple.

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