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This is the reason why two droplets of water merge quickly into one when they touch each other, and why a single drop of Bring down the moon dating will sit as a little ball on the table rather than spreading out into a thin film. This property of water is called "cohesion". Because water is cohesive, it tends to act together like a single body or mass. You can think of it kind of like a weak blob of Jello: As the earth rotates, it is subjected to a centrifugal force which pulls the ocean water molecules away from the earth's surface.

This is just like when you spin around very fast, and your arms want to fly away from your body. Because the ocean water molecules stick together, this caused the entire ocean to bulge outward in the center, creating a kind of "mound" of water encircling the earth. Because of this, the world's oceans bulge around the equator, and get thinner toward the poles. This means that the surface of the ocean is higher in the middle than on the northern and southern edges! If the earth simply rotated on its own axis, then even though there would be this bulge there would be no tide.

However, because the moon is very close to the earth, its gravity exerts an effect on the rotational system of the earth, causing it to also rotates in tandem with the moon on a different axis. This rotation is like the rotation of a baton, with the earth and moon each representing on of the balls on the end of the baton. Because of this additional rotation, there is an additional centrifugal force exerted on the side of the earth that is away from the moon on the "outside" of the two baton balls.

Thus, the centrifugal force is greatest on the side of the earth that is away from the moon, and there is a greater bulge in the water on that side. Now, remember that the earth also rotates on its own axis. Say that you are sitting at the beach in Santa Barbara watching the water level for the whole day. As the rotation of the earth carries California away from the moon, you would see the water begin to rise, because the spot you are watching is moving into the part where the ocean is bulging; as your beach moves into this bulge of rising water, it gets flooded a little bit, Free dating sites flirtomatic you might have to move your blanket higher up to avoid getting it wet!

This explains why there is a high tide once a day. However, you have probably learned that there are usually two high tides every 24 hours. Where does the second one come from? The answer to that question is also that it is a consequence of the moon's gravity affecting the earth, but in a Bring down the moon dating way. Whereas the first high tide is due to the fact that the moon and earth are linked into a rotating tandem by their gravity, the second high tide is a result of the moon's direct gravitational pull on the earth's oceans. When a region of the ocean is directly Benefits of dating fat guys the moon, the moon's gravity pulls the ocean away from the earth, increasing the size of the water bulge there.

This is the second high tide! Thus, there are actually two bulges in the oceans on the earth: As California passes under the moon, the water along the California coast is pulled into a bulge, causing a high tide. As California moves away from the moon, the gravitational pull gets less and the water starts to go back down. However, as California passes to the opposite side of the earth the water starts getting pulled up onto shore again by the centrifugal force, causing a second high tide, and then as California moves away from this spot it goes down again, for the second low tide. So, as you can see, it is clearly due to the moon that we have our tides. However, tides vary all over the world.

Tides are created by the moon and to some degree actually, the sun because of the moon's gravity and the rotation of the earth. The moon has a large mass that exerts a large gravitational force or 'pull' on the earth. However, because of the shape and size of the earth, the portion of the earth's oceans that are facing the moon at any time are closer to the moon than the center of the earth, and therefore will feel a greater pull, and will be pulled outward towards the moon forming a bulge, or high tide. Likewise, the portion of the earth's oceans that are on the opposite side of the earth from the Moon are farther away from the moon than the earth's center, and the center of the earth will feel the greater pull and be pulled away from the ocean on the side opposite the moon.

This forms a second bulge or high tide on the opposite side of the earth. As the earth rotates on its axis, the tides will move on the surface of the earth so that the high tide remains fixed on the side directly facing, and directly opposite the moon. Many other factors can affect the path taken by tides in each ocean basin, such as the shape of surrounding landmasses, but the dominant effect is from the moon's gravitational pull. The tides are generated by the gravitational pull of the moon on the Earth. It is tempting to think that the moon pulls on the ocean, which makes it rise slightly - and this rising of the ocean is interpreted as a high tide by folks on the Earth.

In this picture, as the Earth rotates under the moon, the high tide would appear to move - and you would see a high tide every 24 hours. It turns out, however, that high tide occurs every 12 hours! So this theory of the tides is definitely wrong. The way this really works is a little tricky. It is helpful to try to draw a picture of what I will try to describe for you. It might also help to go get a book on the solar system that has a picture of this drawn for you so you can follow along. What if I miss a class? Make-ups are available for any in-center session offered for a full year! Rolling enrollment for in-center sessions allows you to start any time there is a class available to customize a schedule that works best for you!

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