Scientific Dating Of Ramayana Era

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Dating the Ramayana With Valmiki's Clues - By Saurabh Kwatra Placing the Ramayana in the historical context is yet an unfinished task, as witnessed by endless debates among archaeologists, historians and literary pundits. The present analysis is a modest attempt to use astronomy, astrology and the science of time together in elevating the status of Ramayana from an epic to a chronological reality. Astonishingly, the ancient Indians had an accurate method of time easurement.

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In other words, the timings Scientific dating of ramayana era events were recorded in the astronomical format. To convert this coded erw on heavenly positions into a simple calendrical timeline, all that is needed is a database of ephemeris. Sage Valmiki, datimg celebrated composer of the Ramayana records the birth of Rama in Uttarayana the Divine Scientific dating of ramayana erain the Chaitra month, in the bright fortnight, on eta ninth day, in the Punarvasu nakshatra, on a Monday, Scientfiic under Karka lagna. Valmiki or details the birth with various planetary positions in the zodiac: Sun in Mesha at 10 deg.

These starry configurations are so unique that they have occurred only once so far in measurable history and this helps us to fix the important date, the birthday of Rama, as the 4th of December, BC. Due to the slow yet continuous precession of the Earth, Rama's birthday anniversary, celebrated as Ram Navami, has since shifted by about four months over a period of about years. Valmiki has also beautifully described the sky at the moment when Rama left Ayodhya on his year exile. Vaishakha and Milky Way are shining in the sky". Using this additional input, astronomical rules help us to fix Rama's exile to a time when he turned 17 years of age.

Another event, Hanuman's return from Lanka after discovering Sita in Sunderkandaone of the most evocative chapters of Ramayana can be similarly pinpointed as occurring on a Pushya Poornima. Learn more How to integrate my topics' content to my website? By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop. How to curate as a team?

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