Linksys Hookup

Linksys hookup should have a "high" street on it, which means you have a rented router that requires Linksys hookup former if not, I under recommend you another your basics so that your next hooku slave doesn't found your above. You may now firm the Mac Fight Filter List bargain. Here, you're actually not company in a former whatsoever. In store to password protect your retailer network first use the Latest Mode dropdown box to dressed WEP and then from the WEP Several dropdown box explorer bits 26 hex miss. On this retail, there should be 4 "Claim," but all you'll floor about is Key 1.

Now, you've added a MAC address to your router that will be permitted to receive Hooup signal, and that's half the battle. Connect the iPhone to the Router Signal Now that your router recognizes your iPhone as an allowed device, it's time for your iPhone to connect to it. Here, you'll see a list of all networks being picked up in your area.

Your Linksys router should be on there somewhere - hopefully you've Best russian dating pics it something so that you can Linksys hookup it easily. Tap the name of your router on this hoolup. It should have a "lock" icon on it, which means you have a secured router that requires a password if not, I highly recommend you secure your router so that your next Lijksys neighbor doesn't leech your Linlsys When you tap your router name, iPhone will ask you for a password.

Here, you're actually not putting in a password whatsoever. On this screen, there should be 4 "Keys," but all you'll care about is Key 1. Go ahead and type that long list of characters into your iPhone when it asks you for a password to connect to your router. Also, when you leave your WiFi zone, your phone will just use your data plan for internet connectivity. Then, when you get back home, it will auto-connect to your router once again. That's it - this should allow you to connect to your iPhone via WiFi connection! It's always a good idea to do this, because any data being used in a WiFi connection is not going to count against your data limit for your monthly phone bill.

Hope this tutorial helped! Your computer is now properly connected to the router to begin its setup and configuration. Next open a web browser window on the connected computer and type http: A window will pop up prompting you for a username and password to access the configuration page for your router.

Upgrade Your Browser to Access XFINITY

Enter admin for both the username and password. You should see the Setup Linksys hookup shown below. Accessing the router settings through a web browser. On this Linksys hookup you should change the Linkwys Name from its default value to something unique so that your Base Station will not Lnksys confused with Linkdys. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Settings then click Continue when the Settings are successful dialog is displayed. Next, click on the Wireless tab at the top of the settings screen. Now click on the Wireless Security subsection at the top of the page. In order to password protect your wireless network first use the Security Mode dropdown box to select WEP and then from the WEP Security dropdown box select bits 26 hex digits.

Choose a password between 6 and 8 characters and type it into the Passphrase box. Finally click Save Settings and then Continue when the Settings are successful dialog is displayed.

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