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You are then prompted to upload a profile picture and fill out a short bio, although you can Ourtime dating search both if desired. You may optionally browse through 10 photos and select those you like to send a flirt, or conversation starter, to selected members -- doing so is intended to help inform the site about your preferences to better match you. Recently, the site added new features to the signup process that allows the platform to gather more information about you to better improve your matches. These signup features consist of open-ended fields, multiple choice questions, and an area to select interests -- such as foodie or movie lover. At the end of the registration, you are prompted to sign up for a paid account, and the platform clearly explains all the enhanced features available only to paid members, such as enhanced search and match options, the ability to see who is interested in you, and various communication features.

The login process for OurTime is simple as can be: This way, you don't have to worry about keeping track of your username -- just make sure to remember your password and you'll be fine. The home page is easy to navigate and understand from the moment you first log in, with clearly labeled areas to explore. The homepage itself is basically a massive feed of potential matches you can quickly scroll through. These potential matches are showcased with a large profile picture along with a username and location.

Directly from the homepage you can view profiles, send flirts, or send messages. The Inbox section contains your email inbox, holds any gifts you have received, and allows you to access ConnectMe, a secure text message feature that allows you to communicate with others via SMS through a secure, protected number. The connection section shows who has shown interest in you. Each day you receive around 10 handpicked matches based on your profile, preferences, and behavior on the site. Review

From each match shown you have many Ourtime dating search to show interest and connect. The greatest safety feature is you can disable you profile at any point in Ourtmie whenever you feel like. You can Ourtime dating search stop certain people from viewing your profile helping you regulate the type and kinds of people who get access to your account. This feature helps you to specify what it is you would wish to learn or know about someone in case he or she was supposed to contact you via email. Categorized into two, the basic search which gives you a general result of your search criteria with no specifications to certain aspects and characteristics.

On the other hand, the advanced search option is quite the opposite.

You can specify the age and personal factors you would wish to know from other members. Pros and Cons Not all online dating sites give you the option of uploading an audio or video file to your Ourtime dating search which is visible to other members and at the same time making it within your powers to control who sees your profile content. This is the unique feature of OurTime. You are able to block and mute individuals whenever you don't feel like receiving notifications and messages from other online users through the live chat feature. Message starter ideas would greatly influence your ability of getting to meet and interact with other users based on what it is you would wish to see or learn from them.

Almost all the accounts are authentic and reducing the cases of spam adversely. Features on the profile are however not as complex as other sites though this does not make it easier to navigate and is quite confusing especially for seniors over the age of fifty. This makes it easily accessible as you can download it anytime at your convenience. With instant custom notifications, you will never miss any messages from other users online.

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