Text Dating Fort Mcmurray

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This material was comparable to the archaeological BRSS variants common in sites throughout the region, strongly suggesting that this was a primary source of this material. Others, while not directly laying blame, were quick to point to climate change as the fire's cause — a controversial statement given the province's economic reliance on its oil industry. The BRSS occurrences in the Quarry of the Ancestors vary in texture but yield substantial quantities of the fine-grained variant of the rock. These sites typically yield extremely rich assemblages dominated by BRSS tools and flintknapping waste.

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These previous studies, as well as ongoing archaeological work occurring in advance of expanding oil sands extraction, have recovered projectile point types that suggest that precontact use of BRSS was heaviest between and years ago. Nonetheless, it appears likely that the Quarry was used by some of the region's earliest precontact residents. Another researcher noted that wildfires are complexand pointed to a number of conditions — including a dry winter and lack of green vegetation— may been contributing factors.

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