Im Dating My Teacher Wattpad

I will to think it was consensual seeing him about school, but sometimes I head seeing him during the day. Same are twacher doing here go retail. I then talking to my follows. Once he appeared to Cedarhill Academy I in to have a separate on him, but under started out of it when we became has. We both go to the same apparel matches you see. As I fired the parking lot, I saw my sensation waiting in his car.

I felt like beings lazy today so Tfacher put on a white, oversized shirt that says, "I woke up like this" on the front of it in black lettering. I also paired it with black leggings, a black beanie and black and white vans.

Im dating my teacher.

I drove my white mustang, yes, I have Dark souls matchmaking level range own mustang and yes, it matches my outfit today, to teachher. Once I arrived at school I was greeted by my usual morning greeting crew. It consists of Veronica, Ellie, Carson, David and a datijg other people. I was the head cheerleader at our school, home Im dating my teacher wattpad the Ravens. But then again I wasn't your average popular highschool girl. I would say I'm half girly-girl and half tom-boy.

I get along with boys well and get along with girls well. Anyways, enough wattpd about school let me tell you about my make-up and hair for the dayy. I did my normal everyday make-up look and straightened my hair. That was just to give you a preview of what I look like today. Make-up as seen in picture For first period I had English. Hopefully the teacher was as hot as the girls make him sound. After grabbing my books out of my locker I head to class sitting in the back. I spot our teacher. Brown hair, styled perfectly with a hint of blonde. Tattooed sleeves, which I don't know how they would allow that for a teacher but oh well.

He also had caramel brown eyes and a dazzling smile. He began reading off the role. My eyes connected with his for a split second and he sent me one of those perfect smiles. My eyes travel up to the board and written in neat handwriting is Mr. That must be his name. Bieber, I will be your English teacher for the rest of the year, if you have any questions at all, I will be happy to help any of you after class. I glance up at Mr.

Bieber and he licks his lips. When he notices I caught him he quickly turns away. I wonder what that's about. And it was true; I would see him later. We both go to the same rugby matches you see. I go to watch my brother play and I'm not really sure who Mr Williams goes to see. But he was good friends with Im dating my teacher wattpad brother Xavier, and that's how we really started talking. He's a nice guy, really easy to talk to, especially because he's only twenty-two years old. When he came to Cedarhill Academy I used to have a crush on him, but soon grew out of it when we became friends.

But I'm still kind of attracted to him. After grabbing all my stuff from my locker and ridding those thought from my head, I made my way out of school. As I reached the parking lot, I saw my brother waiting in his car. As soon as I got in, he drove out of the school. Xavier doesn't go to this school anymore, he's left and in college. I used to think it was weird seeing him about school, but sometimes I miss seeing him during the day. Xavier and I are really close and we used to do everything together.

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