How Long Does The Honeymoon Phase Last When Dating

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Let me guess, you can hardly believe how lucky oong are that this person has chosen you! And if you feel that way about them, you are doing everything you can to make sure they feel that same way about you. There is nothing wrong with showing someone the best sides of yourself.

How To Not Ruin Your Relationship In The Honeymoon Phase

But all to often, people start to show a side of honeykoon that is not only exaggerated, but also completely false. It happens quickly, and it happens due to desperation to keep the relationship as perfect as can be. I have seen this all too often. They will do whatever it takes. It may honeymon for a little bit, but eventually it will lead to problems in the relationship. If you are someone who wants to make a relationship last past the honeymoon phase, here are five tips oong keep in mind that can help lead to a growing and healthy relationship.

First of all, please remember that nobody is perfect! I know your new partner may seem to be the closest thing to it, but the more you build your partner up in your head, the more pressure you put on yourself to be perfect as well. This is the stuff of romantic novels, Hollywood movies and celebrity gossip. Infatuation is intense, with a passionate buzz, but all good things come to an end, and so it is with the buzz of infatuation. It is a fact of life that we wake up to one morning and find the excitement gone. In fiction the development of their relationship, the actual nitty-gritty of life, is left hanging.

If we do not wind down we will become dysfunctional and burn out emotionally. No relationship on Earth can flourish if no effort is put in. Expecting feelings by themselves to keep a marriage together is unrealistic. Infatuation plays a vital role in bonding two souls together. It is the first of many relationship development stages. The two lovers see only the best in the other. They feel like two peas in a pod and are perfectly suited for each other. Infatuation in spite of its intensity is superficial.

lawt When infatuation has served its purpose and we wake up one morning without our body a-quivering logn those besotted thoughts about our LOVE, then the ending of infatuation is actually a self-defence mechanism kicking in to bring us back to reality. Staying infatuated will otherwise lead to emotional burnout. This infatuation phase is the time for a bond to develop which should be strong enough to keep the couple together as they enter the subsequent relationship phases when their love deepens, blossoms and matures.

Love can do that. Infatuation cannot, it has the passion, but lacks the maturity and depth needed to tackle the realities of life. Infatuation is energy sapping in the long run.

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