Dating Ice Ages

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Upon retreating during warmer periods, the glaciers leave behind scattered ridges of sediment and fill basins with melted water to create new lakes. Approximately xges dozen major glaciations have occurred over the Dating ice ages 1 million years, the largest of which peakedyears ago and lasted for Dating ice ages, years. At the height of the recent glaciation, the ice ife to more than 12, feet thick as sheets spread across Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and South America. Corresponding sea levels plunged more than feet, while global temperatures dipped around 10 degrees Fahrenheit on average and up to 40 degrees in some areas.

In North America, the region of the Gulf Coast states was dotted with the pine forests and prairie grasses that are today associated with the northern states and Canada. The origins of ice age theory began hundreds of years ago, when Europeans noted that glaciers in the Alps had shrunk, but its popularization is credited to 19th century Swiss geologist Louis Agassiz. Contradicting the belief that a wide-ranging flood killed off such megafauna as the wooly mammoth, Agassiz pointed to rock striations and sediment piles as evidence of glacier activity from a destructive global winter.

Geologists soon Dating ice ages evidence of plant life between glacial sediment, and by the close of the century the theory of multiple global winters had been established. A second important figure in the Dating organic farmers of these studies was Serbian mathematician Milutin Milankovitch. Along with solar radiation levels, it is believed that global warming and cooling is connected to plate tectonic activity. Some warming drives carbon dioxide out of solution in the oceans, and this carbon dioxide can lead to warming through the greenhouse effect.

Backing up considerably further, the graph below shows the temperature record for about the last 5. Note that in this graph, going back in time is to the right, and the zero of temperature changes corresponds approximately to the present day. Cycles ofyears and 41, years are labeled. This graph was obtained from ratios of oxygen to oxygen concentrations in sediment cores. Ice coverage in the Northern Hemisphere, 18, years ago and present-day image credit: When seawater evaporates, the water vapor therefore becomes enriched in oxygen Research To investigate the cycles of the ice ages, the Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch, building upon previous work in this field, determined the interaction of cycles in Earth's motion around the sun.

The orientation of Earth's axis icw over time -- it moves in a circle around a fixed direction in space every 26, years, an effect known as the precession of ic equinoxes-- this corresponds to periodic motion of the equinoxes around Dating ice ages orbit see Datlng. In Dating ice ages to the precession of the equinoxes, Earth's orbit shifts over time. The combination of the above two effects produces a 21, year cycle of the motion of the equinoxes around Earth's orbit. Earth's orbit is only approximately circular, and its eccentricity goes through a cycle with a period ofyears. When the tilt increases, the seasonal differences become greater. When the summer solstice occurs at the perihelion point of closest approachthe intensity of sunlight striking the Northern Hemisphere reaches its maximum.

Moreover, he reasoned that, since there were large land masses near the poles, the critical seasons were summer and winter at large latitudes. An approximatelyyear cycle does appear in the radiation, but the effect is not large.

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