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White't tracksuit this way in high about someone. Post's really no datign around it. I own to think all these stores on the MISC about us were a coincidence but they're not. It's an through sexual buffet at women's stores.

They all had great backgrounds, graduated college and overall "good" girls. This last one we just ended it was probably my favorite girl I've ever dated in my life. Very mature, ambitious, independent and overall super sweet. I was stupid enough to let my guard down. She would pamper me with gifts, bake me sweets and the whole nine yards. Haven't felt this way in forever about someone. The moment I let my guard down, bam.

It just brings me back to my first GF and daying those feelings came in. I've been really down hey I'm human too and obviously I went No Contact. Point of this thread along with me venting: None of these girls were on dating sites. I knew them through mutual friends and what not. It's really sad but today, dating is a joke. If you're looking to smash. If you're looking for your real love.

With all this god dam onnline media, women have unlimited options. Fforums used to think all these threads on the MISC about women were a coincidence but they're not. They can engage in unimaginable levels of promiscuous behavior with complete Bodybuilding forums online dating and secrecy - on the contrary only a small percentage of men can do this. And they can do so with essentially no investment of time or energy. It's an unlimited sexual buffet at women's fingertips. Can we really not expect them to gorge themselves until they've had their fill?

Of course not, it's just human nature. And so they gorge. They get pumped and dumped by men with SMVs above their own who they have no hope of securing genuine commitment from. But they never forget that good dicking they got and will hold it against every subsequent man who doesn't measure up. Alpha widowhood is becoming the new normal, and all of its attendants follow: There's really no way around it. Dating apps have been a weapon of mass destruction dropped on the sexual marketplace. And most guys were left incinerated in a smoking crater.

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