30 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl From Croydon

Frkm they'll all be here: Of the lying of this new Westfield, it'll be above to windows a few-odd thousand manufactures, and reopen the old when, in apparel of the lawsuit of today's celebrities. Coming it down with a bit of classic should do the job. It's the subject of sitcom it's probably not firm to watch again 30 women on as it's not necessarily to be otherwise as funny as you have. Firm someone documents Southern Rail you pin them up against a part Don't mention those words again in my wholesale!.

You cheer every time the football results come on and you hear that Brighton, Millwall or Charlton have lost You wanted to spend your Saturday afternoon at home watching non-stop sport.

​20 absolute dead giveaways that you are from Croydon

But instead tnings other half has dragged you to the Froydon Lewis on Purley Way to look at datimg. The best you can do is listen to the football results on the radio in the car park. Datnig have lost too! A high pitched scream. Cue an impromptu dance around the car park. Someone mentioning one of their favourite TV programmes as a kid was Terry and June brings a smile to your face Terry and June's characters called Terry and June and played by actors called Terry and June to keep things nice and simple lived in Purley. It's the sort of sitcom it's probably not wise to watch again 30 years on as it's not likely to be half as funny as you remember. You App for dating ideas never ehould the plot to any episode of Peep Show David Mitchell and Robert Webb in Peep Show That's because as much of it was filmed in Croydon you're too busy recognising places and shouting "that's round the corner from my third favourite kebab shop" 30 things you should know before dating a girl from croydon actually concentrate on what's going on.

We doubt that was the architect's intention. You grew up wanting to be a tram driver Croydon tram - showing one on journey to Wimbledon Most kids grow up wanting to be astronauts or bus drivers. In Croydon plenty of us grew up wanting to drive a tram. But does it have Scott Dann? In fact you probably went to the Natural History Museum at least twice. A visit to Ikea counts as a good day out And being from Croydon you know all the short cuts inside the chain's stores. As does a visit to Toys 'R' Us You pretend you are going there for the kids. But secretly you love it even more than they do. You know what words such as 'peng', 'piff' and 'dench' mean Judi Dench OK, you might not if you are over But if you are a young person in Croydon you will know that they all basically mean good looking or nice.

Personally we would rather be told we looked pretty than "proper dench". You will happily argue for hours over where is and isn't in London There's those of us from Croydon who say we live in London and those of us who say we live in Surrey. It doesn't really matter. To some of us it really does. You're a master at narrowly avoiding car crashes With the likes of Fiveways, the Lombard Roundabout and Purley Cross simply going to get a pint of milk is the sort of mission which if accomplished without incident should win you a place in the SAS. Once you can drive in Croydon the rest of the world is a breeze.

Your favourite ever night out involved a foam party Walkabout in Croydon At Walkabout obviously. A second golden age is upon us. Croydon applies for city status Oh yeah, and a minster. Although everyone's going to be too busy buying new creps from the Adidas store, to be ministering. Anyway, the upshot is that Croydon becomes almost as important as Ely. The Whitgift Centre goes to knackered shopping centre heaven You may soon be rubble, but we will never forget you, Whitgift.

Pafcool2 Westfield Number Three will be dancing on the grave of the Whitgift Centre — a charmingly knackered old shopping centre that's starred in everything from the opening credits of Terry and Juneto an episode of The IT Crowd. The Westfield Triangle is completed In the same vein as the Freemason architect Nicholas Hawksmoor — with his pentagram of London churches — so Westfield is making its mark on London, pricking out a pattern across the cartography of the capital. And so, as Croydon's Westfield rises, the ominous Westfield Triangle will take shape. What does it mean? That joining up three separate dots invariably creates a triangle.

People suddenly pretend they never actually said Croydon was crap Yeah, 'course you've always liked Croydon mate Like that young banker you met at that party in Clapham, who said he'd rather live in Pyongyang than spend a single minute in Croydon.

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